Our clinic is fully set up to take radiographs (often called X-rays) of your pet. Radiographs are very important to help us diagnose diseases in animals, particularly for conditions involving bones, the chest or abdomen. We have access to Specialist Radiologists to get the second opinion on the radiographs if needed.

Why Digital Radiographs?

Digital radiography involves using digital X-ray sensors instead of traditional photographic film. Digital radiography is much faster and avoids safety concerns with using X-ray chemicals and helps with reducing radiation exposure.

Two types of digital systems are used in veterinary practice: CR and DR. CR systems are older, involve more steps in the process and relatively slower and of lower quality. DR digital system is almost instant, very high quality with no steps from taking X-rays to having the image on the computer screen.

Pet Vets Papatoetoe utilises digital DR system, to capture digital radiographic images. Direct Radiology (DR) is the latest in the digital imaging and is only available in select veterinary practices in Auckland. This system allows us to capture and analyse images and choose appropriate treatment options immediately. We can manipulate the contrast of the image for more accurate diagnosis. Digital radiology allow us to magnify very specific areas of the image with no loss of quality. Moreover, we can electronically send the digital images to the specialist radiologists for advanced evaluation, and discussion on treatments as necessary.

On the day of your pet's X-rays

Most of our patients are admitted into the hospital for the day to have radiographs taken unless it is an emergency and we’ll take them immediately. We ask that you bring your pet fasted on the morning of admission, as they will most likely be sedated or anaesthetised to allow us to take the best quality radiographs possible. Once the radiographs have been taken, we will give you a call or book an appointment for our veterinarians to show you the images and to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet.