Pet Insurance

Advances in veterinary medicine over the last decade or so mean our sick or injured pet can now benefit from the latest diagnostics and surgical and medical treatments, which up to now were only available in human hospitals. These new techniques mean better and quicker diagnoses and treatments, but they come at a cost. To safeguard against unplanned surgical and medical expenses and to provide the best medical care for your “furry” family members, pet insurance is strongly recommended. Please enquire at reception for further information.

FAQ about pet insurance:

Can I claim pet insurance at the time of treatment?

Not at this stage, however, we hope something like this is set up in future. Until that is done, the insurance providers want their clients to pay their veterinarians directly and then claim from the insurance company.

What does pet insurance cover?

It all depends on the type of insurance cover you select. So before you decide, compare all the policies, premiums and the exclusions from different companies. Pay close attention to the policy about pre-existing conditions and pet owner's obligations such as regular health checks and vaccinations.

Will the clinic help with filing of the insurance claim?

The clinic can not file a claim on your behalf. We can certainly assist you in completing the claim form and providing you with the patient's clinical records and relevant invoices.