House Calls

House calls are a great way for your fur babies, to receive veterinary care without leaving the comforts of their home or kennels. Saving valuable time for you and stress, of travel and hospital visit, for your pet friend are added bonuses. If you have young kids, then it makes it more appealing. Similarly, house calls save a lot of hassle for older folks and people who are unable to drive.

Our house call service can fit right into your lifestyle and personal schedule. Full in-hospital service is available if your pet needs special care such as intravenous drip and close monitoring and management, X-rays, surgery etc.

House call visit can accomplish everything that is normally done in a veterinary exam room, which includes:

Full exam for medical problems such as coughing, vomiting, diarrhoea, urinary issues, small skin wounds, limping, torn claw, weight loss, arthritis, checking lumps.


Arthritis injection

Blood, urine and faecal sampling to send to the laboratory

Needle aspirates of lumps for cytology at the laboratory

Bandage change

Skin and Ear examination (including collecting skin/ear cytology samples to check at the clinic or the laboratory)

Eye problems including local anaesthetic exam, Fluorescein test, Dry eye test

Anal gland expression

Dispense and give routine medication and some prescription diets

Organise Referral to specialists


We can bring along a nurse/assistant to help with some procedures such as small sedation procedure, painful ears, blood sampling, euthanasia etc.

If you are not existing clients of this clinic, no problem. Please ask your veterinarian to email the recent /relevant records so that we can familiarise with the existing problem(s) before the visit. Please try to do this as soon you book house call appointment with us. We can email the examination notes from the house call, back to your veterinarian if you wish.

House calls are NOT available for very unwell pets, pets in lot of pain or emergency. These situations need immediate diagnostics and intensive treatment at the veterinary clinic. Also, most of the time we need preferably 24 hours notice to organise the house call.

For the occupational safety reasons, we will NOT be able to examine Dangerous dogs or dogs which owners are unable to control and hold for examination. Similarly Feral/wild cats can NOT be examined during the house call.

Euthanasia at home

We understand that saying goodbye to a much-loved family pet is an extremely difficult time even when you know the kindest thing is to let go.

For many people being at home with your pet in familiar and comfortable surroundings makes the situation less stressful and eases the process a little.

At Pet Vets Papatoetoe, we support you and your pet in your own home. We take care of everything (including cremation), so you can concentrate on just being with your pet at this difficult time. We aim to make the process as loving, peaceful and dignified as possible.

Your pet can sit or lie wherever they feel most comfortable – perhaps on a favourite cushion or on your lap.