Anaesthesia and Pain Management

We fully appreciate that your pets are beloved members of your family. With that in mind, we offer the following, to make the anaesthesia as safe as possible:

Pre-anaesthetic physical examination of each patient

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests to make sure that your pet's organs and systems are healthy enough for surgery and recovery

Individually tailored anaesthetic drugs and protocols

Intravenous fluids are considered vital to keep your furry friends well hydrated, help maintain normal blood pressure and to have access for additional medications as required

Using advanced equipment, we continuously monitor your pet’s heart rate, respiration and blood oxygen level, blood pressure and body temperature

Different techniques are used to keep the patient warm during and after the anaesthesia

Patients are closely monitored after the anaesthesia until they are fully awake/recovered

Appropriate Pain Management

At Pet Vets Papatoetoe we undertake following strategies to keep your fur babies as pain-free as possible:

We customise pain management for each patient taking into account their age, size, underlying health conditions and the surgical procedure

All our surgery patients have pre and post-surgery pain medications

We employ modern pain management techniques such as constant rate infusion, via an intravenous drip, of single or multiple drugs for very painful procedures and conditions. Skin patches which continuously release pain medication are also employed for round the clock pain relief

Different local anaesthetic blocks and nerve blocks are used during surgery to help reduce the pain during and after surgery

Combination of different pain medications may be used during and after surgery for better pain control and to minimise side effects