At Papatoetoe Pet Vets, we have an onsite boarding cattery. Our cattery is available 365 days of the year for either short or long stay accommodation for your feline friend. Our cattery is very accessible from Southern Motorway. It's approximately 1 km from Papatoetoe 'On' and 'Off' ramps.

The key benefit of having Cattery at a vet clinic is that routine procedures can be done while you are having a well deserved holiday. This might include basic surgery as lump removal, dental work or grooming. All you need to do is to complete the paperwork on admission if you want any procedure to be carried out. This saves you and your cat the need for a further visit(s).

As part of our policy, all cats admitted to cattery get a free nurse health check including screening for cat flu, parasite infestation and dental health.


Our cat boarding area is set up in the quite part of the clinic. Cattery cages have provisions for jumping platforms, hiding boxes, sleeping, feeding and litter box areas. Each day, cats are allowed access to the enclosed play area. This is equipped with toys, tunnels, climbing and scratching posts so they can play and climb to their heart's content. We cater to cats with varied activity levels ranging from young highly active cats to mature cats who want to spend most of their time resting.


We feed premium quality cat food such as Royal Canin or Hills Science diet. However, if your feline friend prefers any other special diet or treats or needs a veterinary prescription diet, please bring them along.


We are happy to accommodate any medication requests to help keep your cat as healthy and happy as possible. Please make sure the medications have veterinarian's label stating the dose and frequency required etc.

Flea and worming treatment

All cats should be up to date with flea and worm treatment with veterinarian approved products. To protect all the feline guests, our staff regularly checks all the boarding cats for any fleas or worms and treat them (at your cost) if needed.


All boarding cats need to have prior vaccination against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Feline Respiratory disease. At admission, a current vaccination book should be presented for each cat. This book should have certified proof that the last vaccination was done within the preceding 12 months. The vaccination book should clearly state the details of the cat and the owner.

Cats must not have had their last booster vaccination sooner than 10 days prior to admission. Please contact our clinic if you are not sure about the vaccinations.

Drop off and pick up times

Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am – 1pm

*closed public holidays

Cattery Form

Cattery charges

Standard rate $19.90
Non peak rate (1) $22.90
Peak rate (20th Dec - 10th Jan) $24.90
Medication surcharge $6

* prices listed are GST inclusive
* prices listed are per cat, per day
* we charge daily rate, each for the day of drop off and day of pick up.
* all cats admitted to cattery get a free nurse health check including screening for cat flu, parasite infestation and dental health.
1 public holidays and weekends with public holidays